Meet the Greenkeeper International team

14 December 2023 BTME

Attendees to BTME 2024 will have the chance to meet the team who are responsible for producing Greenkeeper International every month.

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BIGGA produces Greenkeeper International every month for its members to read


Members of the 18 Players team will be on the BIGGA stand on Tuesday 23 January from 10.30am-11am and 1pm-1.30pm to discuss the magazine with attendees to the show.

Having been responsible for the production of the magazine from May 2023, the team is interested to hear from BIGGA members about what makes a good magazine and any suggestions for how it can be developed.

What features have you enjoyed this year? What didn’t you like? What stories haven’t we told yet? Do you read the magazine online or in print?

Additionally, the team would like to sit down with eight BIGGA members for a focus group relating to the magazine. Two groups will meet at 11am and 12noon for roundtable conversations about content ideas and what they would like to see more or less of in Greenkeeper International in 2024. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact Dan Murphy on [email protected]

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Karl Hansell
BIGGA | Head of Marketing and Communications

Karl has been head of communications for BIGGA since March 2016. His duties include editing the monthly Greenkeeper International magazine, in addition to other communications activities for the association.


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