Class 5: Writing Reports and Proposals

2:30PM - 4:30PM, 25 Jan 2021


Class 5: Writing Reports and Proposals That Deliver Results

All decisions today are based upon reports and proposals. The skill and ability to craft a persuasive document can often be the difference between the right decision or the wrong decision. This workshop will look at the four different stages that you will need to produce a convincing document.

Learning Outcomes:
•    Plan and structure a document for a variety of objectives
•    Write a well‑organised document that leads to a persuasive conclusion
•    Produce a readable document with recognition of correct punctuation and grammar
•    Edit and review a document to suit the designated objectives
•    Proof read the document in a precise way, taking into account the issues of the digital mind set
•    Manage the report writing process to deliver the completed document to the required time frame


Michael Astrop, Coach the Mind

Michael Astrop is the Principal of Coach the Mind. Michael has been speaking, writing and coaching on communication and human behaviour for over 20 years, working with a wide range of public sector and commercial organisations. A regular on the Continue to Learn programme, Michael also delivers training for BIGGA sections and regions and for the Future Turf Managers Initiative


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