BTME Early Bird Run

Join the first BTME early bird running crew for a 5K run in Harrogate on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

Join us for a run around the centre of Harrogate and kick start the day!

Visitors to BTME all run for different reasons: to lose weight, keep fit and some to keep in training for winning races. Whatever your motivation, there's a compelling reason to join us for a run around the centre of Harrogate.

Led by Ben Davis, the Running Ambassador for CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, the leading movement against male suicide which is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. Ben has done a terrific amount of charity work over the years and he was the recipient of the Yorkshire Man of the Year accolade in 2018. Find out more about Ben and his mission from the facebook page, Running Yorkshire

BTME visitors are invited to run with Ben and some of the BIGGA staff. All you need to do is fill in the online form (below), pick up your T Shirt from the BIGGA stand at BTME and show up on the day!

5K run around Harrogate Town Centre
Where: Harrogate Convention Centre main entrance - opposite the Crown Plaza entrance
When: 6:30am, Wednesday 22 January 2020

Weather: BIGGA Ltd have the right to cancel, delay and or change the course due to adverse weather conditions. As this 5K run is taking place in January weather risks are common and we will notify you if the run is cancelled or changed. You as the participant have read, understand and accepted this.

Registration fee - Free of charge!

Address: Harrogate Convention Centre main entrance – opposite Crown Plaza entrance, King's Rd, Harrogate, HG1 5LA

General information: Please note that t-shirts will only be guaranteed for entries received by 13th December 2019.

Where to collect your t-shirt: Tuesday 21st January from the BIGGA stand before 4pm.



  • Don’t forget your t-shirt. No t-shirt, no run
  • Be visible
  • Wear the appropriate clothing for the weather in January!
  • If you want to track your time please bring your own tracking device
  • Bring a drink!
  • Be bright, be safe and be seen

Map/route - To be posted here as soon as available.

Contact: Lauren Frazer - 01347 833800

Please complete and submit this form to make sure you receive your t-shirt and directions for the early bird run.
Terms and Conditions
Entering and participating in this event is entirely at your own risk. By entering online, you the participant are immediately agreeing to this disclaimer. Participants acknowledge that we the company are not liable for any death, injury or damage arising from participating in this event. You the participant confirm that you are medically fit to participate.  You the participant understand and accept that this event is in the town centre and will require prolonged and strenuous physical exertion, is subject to the unpredictability of the weather and you are responsible for your own safety. You the participant accept that we British International Golf Greenkeepers Association Ltd are not responsible for the security of your kit or any other personal belongings you may bring with you on the day of the event. You as the participant also accept responsibility for any vehicle including its contents and that you park at the event at your own risk. You the participant enter the event, unaware of any health or other condition which may affect your ability to safely take part in the event and will only take part if medically fit and well to do so. The decision to run or not is left to the participant’s discretion but they run at their own risk. BIGGA Ltd accept no liability.  You the participant will follow all safety rules and instructions given by marshals at the event. You the participant agree and are happy to be photographed by us, BIGGA Ltd or by any 3rd party during the event and for these images to be used by us for promotional purposes at any time in the future.
Under 18’s participating in this 5K run can only participate with the signed/online entry permission of a parent or legal guardian.
By clicking ticking this box I confirm that the above details are correct and that I have read and agreed to the BTME 5K Early Bird Run event. I understand that BIGGA might be in touch by email if I’m unable to complete my entry form.



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