Greenkeeper International - Issue 215 - January 2019

Featured in this Issue:


Woolley Park

The farmers taking a fresh look at the golf club management


Jon Crawford

Taking a year out on the Ohio State Program and meeting Tiger


Snow in Switzerland

How do you rebuild your course following winter in the Swiss Alps?


BTME preview

Introduction to the exhibition

The BIGGA stand

Women in turfcare

The new shape of BTME

What makes BTME so important?

A closer look at Harrogate itself


The social tool or social trap?

A look at avoiding the pitfalls of social media


Hole changing

Tips to ensure the course’s most important 4.25 inches are perfect


Land-based machinery training

The importance of personal development despite tough economic times



What are they and how could they be impacting the quality of your golf course?


Woodland maintenance

Remembering that trees, like turf, are living organisms with a life cycle that will come to an end


British Sugar TOPSOIL

Turning a waste product into a useful resource for the turf industry


Insight - Syngenta

Reviewing some of the latest research on contact fungicide Don’t forget you can download the regular and dyslexia-friendly digital versions of targets and application




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