GC 2030 - How can you play your role in coastal management to secure a sustainable long-term future for your course?

R & A 21 January 2021 Video - Webinar

R&A Golf Course 2030 project

Many of our coastal golf course are already directly experiencing the impacts of coastal erosion and flooding and the challenges that this creates in terms of maintaining the playability and key aspects of a course and protecting key assets and infrastructure. Future changes in the climate and more climatic extremes will exacerbate these issues, and present challenges to courses that are currently not at risk. This session will provide an overview of the toolbox of methods, solutions and networks that we’re creating to allow you to actively play your role in coastal management, to create win-win solutions, and to ensure the long-term future for golf on the coast.

Presented by:

Ray Lawrenson, Director, Siskin Asset Management
Jaap Flikweert, Leading Professional Flood and Coastal Management, Royal Haskoning DHV
Victoria Clipsham, Senior Consultant, Royal Haskoning DHV


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