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29 June 2020 Announcement
BIGGA's ICL Scholars at BTME 2020 with ICL's Ed Carter

With BTME and Continue to Learn due to go ahead next January, BIGGA Partner ICL is inviting members to apply for its career-defining scholarship.

The ICL Continue to Learn 2021 scholars will receive three nights’ hotel accommodation and 15 hours of training and personal development at the Continue to Learn education programme, supported by BIGGA Partner and specialty fertiliser company ICL.

BIGGA’s head of member development, Sami Strutt, said: “BIGGA is progressing with its plans to host BTME and Continue to Learn as normal and that means fantastic opportunities such as the ICL Scholarship will return. BIGGA and ICL understand that finances are tight due to everything that has happened this year and that’s what makes initiatives such as the ICL Scholarship even more important.”

The deadline for applications is Friday 31 July 2020.

Tap here to apply for the scholarship


Karl Hansell
BIGGA | Communications Executive


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