Ladies European Tour stars give thanks to nation's greenkeepers

4 July 2020 Announcement


Members of the Ladies European Tour have shared messages of thanks to the UK’s greenkeepers for their hard work and commitment during the COVID-19 crisis to keep golf courses in order, so that when restrictions were lifted golfers could get back out on the course.

Each of the stars have been participating in the Justin Rose Ladies Series, which is a series of seven one-day tournaments being held for British professionals throughout June and July, culminating in a three-day 54-hole grand final held at North Hants, the Berkshire and Wentworth from 5 to 7 August.

Two-time Ladies European Champion Meghan MacLaren won the second event, which took place at Moor Park on June 25. She led the tributes to the UK’s greenkeepers:

“I just want to say a massive thanks to all the greenkeepers for all the incredible work you’ve done during lockdown,” said Meghan. “Every golfer I know is enjoying it so much back out so thank you!” 

Aberdeen’s Gemma Dryburgh won the third event, held at The Buckinghamshire on 2 July.

She added to the tributes to the UK’s greenkeepers, saying: “I’d just like to thank all the greenkeepers from across Britain for all their hard work during these hard times.”

Two-time European Tour winner Felicity Johnson added: “A big thank you to all the greenkeepers across the UK who have got courses looking so good, ready for when we’ve been able to get back out and play.”

Other tributes came from Liz Young, Georgia Price and Sian Evans.

Liz Young: “I’d just like to thank all the greenstaff who have been helping over the last few months. I think the courses are in fantastic condition and they’ve been doing a great job – well done!”

Georgia Price: “I just want to say a really big thank you to all the greenkeepers all over England. We’ve come back to great courses and we’re so happy to be back. Thank you for taking care of them while we were all in lockdown.” 

Sian Evans: “I’d just like to say a big thank you to BIGGA [members] for all the hard work over the lockdown, for keeping the courses in England in such great condition, thank you!”

BIGGA continues to work hard to support its members throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We established a COVID-19 hub of information, where the latest news and guidance was featured, helping the UK’s greenkeepers to maintain their courses in a safe manner during the period of heightened restrictions. As golf courses began to reopen, we have continued to provide advice on ways to ensure safe working practices and have also provided other support on matters including employment law and HR.


Karl Hansell
BIGGA | Communications Executive


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