Indigrow signs up as BIGGA Partners

30 March 2021 Announcement
The Indigrow team pictured at BTME 2020


BIGGA has welcomed specialist fertiliser manufacturer Indigrow as the association’s latest Partner.

BIGGA Partners offer the highest level of support available to members of BIGGA, with the funding the association receives going a long way to underpin the Continuing Professional Development programme and all educational activity.

Indigrow is a specialist manufacturer of fertilisers and nutrients for the sportsturf market with over 75 years’ experience of operating around the world. Covering five continents and over 40 countries, Indigrow employs over 35 staff with qualifications covering all the aspects of agronomy required to promote healthy growth.

Bradley Foster, Indigrow, said: “Indigrow has long been a firm supporter of the activities of BIGGA and its members as the principles of highly-educated and qualified professionals are ones we appreciate and encourage across our own team. The desire to expand upon our own knowledge and innovate with new products and new methods of working is key if we are to overcome the challenges of the coming decade and I’m delighted that BIGGA and Indigrow will be working closer together to support the needs of the UK’s greenkeeping community.”

BIGGA Business Development Manager Lauren Frazer said: “Indigrow is a company that BIGGA has enjoyed a close relationship with over many years as the team was previously an education supporter.Their continuous product development helps create innovative, efficient and cost-effective products to suite the demands of the modern greenkeeper and so I am delighted the Indigrow team has made the decision to step up to Partner status. We are hugely proud of our relationships with all our Partners and we’re grateful for the incredible support they provide our membership, so I’m thrilled to welcome Indigrow to the line-up.”

Who are Indigrow?

With Indigrow signing up as the latest BIGGA Partner, we sat down with the company’s Bradley Foster to find out more about Indigrow and their plans to support the members of the association.

Can you tell us a little about the history of Indigrow?

Bradley Foster: Indigrow commenced business in Reading, Berkshire in the spring of 1993 and during the last 28 years has grown into a worldwide organisation. Indigrow’s services now include the sports turf industry and a range of agricultural industry sectors, now operating in over 40 countries throughout the Far East, Middle East and Europe. The head office is located in Brimpton, Berkshire, with a further three regional offices within its area of trade and a total of over 40 personnel across the globe.

How has Indigrow adapted to the challenges it has faced since the coronavirus pandemic began?

BF: Other than the obvious social distancing requirements, our business hasn’t had to make too many alterations since the beginning of the pandemic. We have increased our customer communication by phone, text and email, along with our social media presence to maintain direct customer contact while face-to-face interactions have been reduced or prohibited.

What is your most exciting new piece of kit that you’d like to tell us about?

BF: Our most recent innovation is a turf pigment called Optik Bronco. It has been developed to help assist turf managers in maintaining an overall accentuated appearance, while protecting leaves from excessive UV light that can lead to damage to chlorophyll, a reduction in photosynthesis and damage to cell DNA. More information can be found on our blog post about the product.

In your opinion what is the importance of associations such as BIGGA?

Associations hold a huge importance to the industry. Indigrow are members of over 10 associations across the countries we trade in, which highlights the importance we place on these associations.

How do you hope to support BIGGA members in your new positions as Partners of the Association?

BF: We hope that, restrictions allowing, we’ll be able to provide educational seminars to our customers and BIGGA members later in the year. Along with this, our drive to innovate will help BIGGA members with more environmentally-friendly alternatives to some of their traditional products.

To find out more about Indigrow, head to the Indigrow website.


Karl Hansell
BIGGA | Communications Executive


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