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27 November 2018 Announcement


Are you a deputy head greenkeeper or course manager, or perhaps just someone who's looking to take the step into course management?

A new educational experience making its debut at Continue to Learn 2019 is the Deputies’ Conference, taking place in the HCC’s Main Auditorium on Tuesday 22 January.

The conference features a programme of topics designed to help greenkeepers who have ambitions to achieve course management roles and to allow them to be successful when they actually get the role.

For Paul Copsey, the step up to course manager was one he took around 40 years ago. A regular education speaker, in the intervening period he has been a college lecturer and tutor, as well as group courses manager for Crown Golf, overseeing 30 courses.

He said one of the biggest challenges facing greenkeepers when they take the step into a management position is learning that a large portion of their role is spent in the office, away from the course.

“When you are working in a commercial environment for a large company, the bottom line becomes really important,” explained Paul. “When I took the role with Crown Golf, I found myself sat at a computer looking at early Excel spreadsheets, getting an insight into costs and budgets. That’s something you can’t learn out on the course.”

And budgeting isn’t just something that’s important for large organisations. In the modern economic climate, when every penny counts, having a good knowledge of budgeting and how to work within cost restraints is something that’s important at every level of the game.

“Making sure you get the absolute maximum out of your budget is really important if you are to deliver the product your customers expect,” said Paul.

But away from the benefits to the club, the skills gained at the Deputies’ Conference are intended to make attendees stand out from the crowd when they apply for that dream course management position.

“It’s one of those key management steps,” explained Paul. “Deputies spend most of their time out on the course, but sometimes it’s what you do in the office that’s important. Sitting in front of a calculator isn’t very exciting, but it’s one of those things that you have to do if you are to make the next step in your career.

“If you backtrack through the last few years, the big talking points in the industry would be the amount of fertiliser we use, ecology and losing certain chemicals. But in the day to day advancement of people’s careers, they need to widen the tools in their armoury in terms of budgeting, management and using technology.

“It’s something that’s easy to overlook, but it’s going to be hugely important in your career.”

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What's taking place at the Deputies' Conference?

Evaluating the course maintenance budget, deliver course quality and how to come in on target

An insight into how to budget and take control of your purchasing options as the professional custodian of your club or proprietor’s investment in purchasing products, machinery and services for the golf course.

Using your phone to manage your facility

Taking a look at some features, add‑ons and apps that can turn your smart phone into a valuable assistant.

Life is like a box of chocolates

Progression in your career is usually positive. However, be aware that all is not what it seems. Milestones in your life can come with additional pressures, stresses and strains that, if not realised, can reduce your mental wellbeing and adversely affect your work, home life and decision making.

Golf is a business

The importance of understanding that golf is a business and the head greenkeeper or course manager will benefit from recognising they are an integral part of it.

Maximise your personal impact

Understand the behaviours you need to deliver beyond your current capabilities and leave an exceptional impact in every interaction.

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Karl Hansell
Karl Hansell
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