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Warwickshire Event Centre 21 & 22 July 2021

Wednesday 21 July 2021, 9.30am-6.30pm
Thursday 22 July 2021, 9.30am-3.30pm

This summer, we’re inviting BIGGA members to get involved with a new event that will bring together the greenkeeping and turf management industry for two days of innovation, exhibition and entertainment.

The Festival of Turf is a two-day event that will take place in the predominantly outdoor setting of the Warwickshire Event Centre on 21 & 22 July 2021 and will bring together golf greenkeepers, groundsmen and many others in a COVID-19 safe setting.

There will be two full exhibition days with a wide range of trade stalls and opportunities to meet with vendors, alongside a couple of entertaining twists that bring to life the ‘festival’ element of the event and add some much-needed light relief after a difficult 2020 for everyone.


FoT News

Exhibitors - indoors

Stand 2 Available
Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book this stand.
Consolidate Turf


Consolidate Turf are leaders in plant nutrition. Their bespoke range of nutritional products have been developed with an emphasis on plant health and physiology to provide the purest form of nutritional products. By listening to customers, they have refined the Consolidate and Turf ranges of products, leading them to be integral components of maintenance programmes across multiple sports at leading venues in the UK and Europe.

Stand 6 Available
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Stand 8 Available
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Stand 10 Available
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Lister Wilder


The friendly, family business that’s home to some of the UK’s finest machinery franchises and all supported by the most knowledgeable sales, parts and service teams in the country. With branches across the south of England, Lister Wilder provides expert sales advice and outstanding parts & service support for those working within the agricultural, groundcare, construction and arboricultural sectors.

Stand 14 Reserved
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Stand 16 Available
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Stand 18 Available
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Stand 20 Available
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Stand 22 Available
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Delta-T Devices


Cambridge-based Delta-T Devices was established in 1971 and has been producing research-grade soil moisture sensors for several decades. Our rugged and reliable ML3 ThetaKit offers an ideal solution for managers who need to accurately monitor irrigation performance - helping to ensure optimal turf conditions. The ThetaKit provides class leading +/-1% soil moisture accuracy - and comes complete with a readout meter to display and store measurements. Regular measurement of soil moisture gives early warning of potential problems - enabling preventative action, before damage to the turf has occurred.

Stand 26 Available
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Stand 28 Available
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Stand 30 Available
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Border Sports Services


For the last 20 years Border Sports Services has been sourcing and supplying aggregates and sportsturf supplies including fertiliser, grass seedgrits & gravelsandsrootzones and topdressings. They regularly provide these specialist products and expert services to contractors and end users across the United Kindgom.
They are committed to offering our customers, service, quality and value for money by working in partnership with suppliers to fulfil customer’s needs. As they have supply links with many of the large and small aggregate producers in the country, so they can take the hassle out of sourcing materials you require, as many customers have experienced.
Stand 34 Available
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Stand 36 Available
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Stand 38 Available
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Stand 40 Available
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Stand 42 Available
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Husqvarna is a brand within Husqvarna Group. Since 1689, Husqvarna has manufactured high performing products and delivered industry-changing innovations such as anti-vibration and automatic chain-brake on chainsaws, as well as robotic mowers. Today, Husqvarna offers a broad range of high performing outdoor power products for parks, forest and garden, and represents technological leadership in the key areas; chainsaws, trimmers, ride-on mowers and robotic mowers. Husqvarna products are sold in more than 100 countries, mainly through servicing dealers.

Aquarille Consultancy Services


Aquarille Consultancy Services provides support to any customer having difficulties with their irrigation control system. Kim primarily provides sales and support for the following control systems, but by being independent, can look at any control system and will be adding other systems to the list: Aquarille Logic Plus; Aquarille Touch; Aquarille AQ 127; Aquarius Universal; Aquarille Translator; Tonic Translator; Monitor 100 Plus; Aquarius 2100 & 2400; TW 2; Hunter Controllers; Trident & Gemini; Radio and Mobile Phone Remote Control for all Control Systems.

For more information contact Kim Harrison on 07801 611 658 or email: kim@aquarille.com

Stand 48 Available
Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book this stand.


Founded in 1894 as the Lancashire County Institute of Agriculture, Myerscough College is one of the oldest further education colleges in Lancashire. Over the years they have turned from a cheesemaking school to become one of the UK's largest land-based and sports colleges.
Stand 52 Available
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Stand 54 Available
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Stand 56 Available
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TurfCare is dedicated to supplying innovative products and services in a professional manner to the golf, leisure and amenity industry. They carry this out using environmentally sound practices in order to provide a sustainable and profitable future for our people and our industry.

They have many tried and tested products to offer, along with some new innovative and exciting products. Their aim is to search out the best available technology and make it available to our customer. By using only quality products that provide real value, they can help customers provide the best surfaces possible for their clients.

Stand 60 Available
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Stand 62 Available
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Stand 64 Available
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Exhibitors - outdoors



Agrigem pride themselves on supplying a wide range of pesticides and agrochemicals, fertilisers, grass seeds, spraying equipment and landscape supplies to those involved within the horticultural, equine, forestry and amenity industry including sports pitches and racecourses.
Phone: 01522 246 491
Riverside, Enterprise Park, Skellingthorpe Road, Saxilby, Lincoln LN1 2FU
Stand 72 Available
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Stand 74 Available
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Mansfield Sand


Mansfield Sand Company has pioneered the development and production of premium quality silica sand-based products for over 170 years. They provide a wide range of innovative products for sports, landscaping and equestrian uses. These include stadium and training ground facilities, championship golf courses and world class show jumping arenas.

Core products include: silica sands; industrial sands; pavior and foundry sands; a wide range of concrete brick products.

Stand 78 Available
Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book this stand.


Since the first KIOTI tractor was introduced in the U.S. in 1986, KIOTI has aligned itself among the nation’s leading tractor brands. KIOTI remains steadfastly committed to the advancement and growth of tractor technology, value and service. And in this quest, KIOTI knows its success will always depend on two things: putting our customers first and believing in the power of teamwork.

They are dedicated to providing quality with marketplace staying power. They are committed to listening to customers and providing the high quality products their jobs demand. They are devoted to building an outstanding dealer network and supplying those dealers with quality parts, training and responsive service.

Stand 82 Available
Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book this stand.
Stand 84 Reserved
Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book other stands.
Aquatrols Europe - BIGGA Partners


Aquatrols is the world leader in the development of cutting-edge soil surfactants and other specialty technologies that maximize the use of water and inputs in the agricultural, professional turfgrass, and horticultural markets. With the introduction of the world’s first commercially available soil wetting agent in 1954, Aquatrols created an entirely new product category to address the world’s water problem. In the 60 years following, they have continued to lead, developing innovative technologies to address inefficiencies in the growing environment and maximize grower inputs. Aquatrols combine state of the art research and development techniques, a technically knowledgeable sales force, and a long history of industry expertise to serve the needs of our customers.

Stand 88 Available
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Stand 90 Available
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Stand 92 Available
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Stand 94 Available
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KAR UK / Hunter


KAR UK is the leading wholesaler of irrigation equipment in the UK. The company provides sprinklers, pipe, pipe fittings, control systems, valves, hoses, hose fittings, drip irrigation, field sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers, injectors and storage tanks for the horticultural, agricultural, landscape and sportsturf markets in the UK and Ireland.

Hunter are dedicated to sustainable solutions. Hunter's focus is to develop innovative, professional irrigation products that combine efficient water use with sustainable design.

Stand 98 Available
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Stand 100 Available
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Stand 106 Available
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Stand 108 Available
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Foley Company & True Surface - BIGGA Education Supporters


Foley design engineers combine advanced engineering tools with decades of real-world turf equipment experience to produce the industry’s most advanced and easy-to-use grinders. We team closely with leading mower OEMs to continually advance grinding technology. No one has pioneered and been as innovative as Foley. 

True-Surface manufactures turf maintenance equipment designed to keep your greens healthy and your members happy. Put your trust in a company who has been manufacturing turf maintenance equipment for over 20 years.

British Sugar TOPSOIL - BIGGA Education Supporters


TOPSOIL is a business of British Sugar plc, a name synonymous with quality and professionalism in all its operations. It is the UK’s largest supplier of quality topsoil products to the landscape and amenity industries.

TOPSOIL is produced at four separate British Sugar sites in the UK, allowing us to provide quality TOPSOIL products quickly and very cost-effectively to anywhere in the UK

Stand 114 Available
Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book this stand.
Stand 116 Available
Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book this stand.
Stand 118 Reserved
Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book other stands.
Jacobsen - BIGGA Partners


For more than 100 years, Jacobsen mowers have built a legacy of precision craftsmanship, legendary quality of cut and unmatched expertise in the turf-maintenance industry. Dedicated solely to delivering perfectly groomed turf, Jake's mowers are trusted on some of the finest formal turf areas in the world through specialist distribution partners.

Jacobsen has reaffirmed the commitment to quality and product development by relocating the manufacturing of Jacobsen mowers to the Turf International Centre of Excellence in England. The plant, which currently builds Jacobsen and Ransomes mowers, was the first manufacturer of motorized lawn mowers in the world and has been in operation for more than 180 years.

Stand 122 Reserved

Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book other stands.

ICL - BIGGA Partners


ICL provide speciality fertilisers and nutrition programmes, grass seed, plant protection products and growing media to help meet the demands of modern-day turf and landscape management. They take great pride in the integrity and value of their dynamic world-class product portfolios and in the provision of dedicated technical support.

Syngenta - BIGGA Partners


Syngenta has been a market leader in the global golf industry for more than 20 years, creating innovative science-led turf management solutions for golf courses. The UK Turf & Landscape business draws on the company’s £700 million annual investment in R&D, to develop effective integrated solutions specifically for turf.

Stand 126 Available
Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book this stand.
Campey Turf Care Systems - BIGGA Partners


Established in 1986, Richard Campey detected an untapped market need: he realised that there was a role for a specialist supplier of high quality purpose built equipment that would enable turf managers to meet the increased demands placed on modern sports turf surfaces.

What initially started out as business offering sports turf maintenance work within the North West of the United Kingdom has now grown to be one of the leading UK’s independent distributors, with machinery available throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

Rigby Taylor - BIGGA Partners


For over 100 years, Rigby Taylor has been supplying innovative products and services for the successful installation, management and maintenance of the UK’s natural grass and synthetic sporting, amenity and landscaped surfaces, including, international and national stadia, football and rugby pitches, cricket, tennis, racecourses, bowls, landscape projects, parks, highways, utilities and waterways.

Soil Scout - BIGGA Education Supporters


Soil Scout provides the most advanced fully-buried underground wireless soil sensor and monitoring solution for professionals in agriculture, golf and sports turf maintenance.

Several golf courses and sports fields worldwide, including such iconic venues as the Wembley Stadium and Philadelphia Phillies, use Soil Scout to maintain their turf in tip-top shape while reducing maintenance costs and water consumption.

Farmers and agriculture professionals around the world use Soil Scout to understand their fields, optimize soil conditions for better growth and improve crop production, also reducing operational costs and water consumption.

Stand 134 Reserved

Contact lauren@bigga.co.uk to book other stands.

ISEKI UK & Ireland


ISEKI compact tractors and mowers offer you high quality, reliable products manufactured in Japan for over 90 years. The ISEKI tractors range from 19 hp through to 67 hp engines with lift capacities of up to 1,600kg, ensuring there is a tractor perfect for your needs.  These unrivalled workhorses are ideal for assisting you around the site with a multitude of turf maintenance tasks.  

For the ultimate cut and collect or cut and drop finish for the rough and surrounding areas there are the renowned ISEKI ride on mowers.  Starting with the SXG range of mid-mount collecting mowers and SRA brushcutters, right up to the larger SF out front mowers, offering the a pristine finish every time with the unbeatable ability to cut and collect come rain or shine. Contact your local dealer to book a demonstration today.

GKB Machines - BIGGA Education Supporters


GKB Machines is part of the GKB Group. Since 1985 GKB Machines, as a separate division, is engaged with the development of innovative maintenance machines for sports pitches. At GKB Machines they feel strongly about sustainability, as a family-owned company we aim for a sustainable company with a positive future prospect. That they do not just stick to words is evident from the fact they are producing machines energy neutral.

Sustainability is also highly important during the development of the machines. They develop the machines from the experience they have established from the contractor division. Every GKB Machine must satisfy the high-quality requirements that they impose.

Germinal - BIGGA Education Supporters


Germinal is a longstanding company with a great history. Their heritage is built on the strength of great people. They have grown and adapted but still value their roots. Germinal believe in the importance of seed development and a need to be constantly looking beyond the present. Their vision for future growth is fuelled by the need to find new ways to improve performance.

Through research and development we make major contributions to the bigger global picture – sustainability, maximising yield, addressing world food demands, caring for the land and the environment. One of their key relationships is with the Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Science IBERS in Wales. This is an important part of our future research and development programme and science-based innovation.

Reesink UK (Toro)


Established in 1968, Reesink Turfcare (formerly Lely Turfcare) is the UK's leading turfcare machinery and equipment supplier, providing the turfcare industry with an extensive range of professional equipment manufactured by its highly reputable business partners. The UK operation has been a partner with The Toro Company for 38 years and supplies and supports its products through a dealer network, branch locations and a head office in St Neots, UK. Reesink's customer team includes sales and product specialists, technical support specialists, demonstrators, field service engineers and skills & product trainers.
Charterhouse Turf Machinery - BIGGA Education Supporters


For over 35 years, Charterhouse has been a leading provider of professional maintenance machinery to keep both natural and artificial surfaces in first-rate condition. The company distributes the Redexim range of aerators, overseeders, topdressers and scarifiers for natural turf.  To compliment this, the Graden range of pedestrian verticutters and the BLEC range of specialist landscaping and turfcare products, are also available.

Products/services provided: Landscape and sportsground services and contractors; machinery maintenance, equipment and products; mounted and trailed equipment; pedestrian and handheld equipment; ride-on machinery, utility vehicles and tractors

Weydown Industrial Estate , Weydown Road, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 1DW, United Kingdom

Global BioClean UK




Landquip is primarily an agricultural crop sprayer manufacturer based in Fressingfield, Suffolk in the UK. Their range varies from quadbike and amenity sprayers for paddocks, football pitches, golf courses and vineyards up to large mounted, trailed, demount and self-propelled sprayers covering thousands of acres per annum.

Overton UK


The company was started in 1992 by two brothers, Richard and Guy. Backed by a wealth of experience within the specialist cleansing market, they pride themselves in their forward thinking and commitment to invest in the continuous product development of their range, keeping them ahead of other manufacturers and distributors. This investment has provided many customers with the assurance that they are purchasing a high quality, reliable and durable product that offers maximum productivity with low maintenance requirements as well as offering the level of service that only a family business can provide.



Venue Info

The Warwickshire Event Centre is centrally located in the Midlands, on the outskirts of Royal Leamington Spa.  There is easy access to the venue via all transport networks. 

By car:  Located at the centre of the national motorway network with the M1, M6, M40, M42, M45 and M69 all within easy reach.

Exhibitors: Sat Nav CV31 1XN Entrance off the B4455 the Fosse Way.

Visitors: Sat Nav CV31 1FE Car park entrance off the Southam Road.

By train: The nearest train station is Leamington Spa with direct links from London and Birmingham. The venue is a 10-minute taxi ride from the station.

By plane:  Birmingham International, the largest airport in the Midlands, is only 30 minutes away with direct rail links to Birmingham, Coventry and Leamington Spa.


  • Free parking /Disabled parking
  • Toilets
  • Catering
  • Designated smoking area
  • Guide dogs only


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