Utilising Soil Test to Maximise Nutrient Availability

4:00PM - 5:00PM, 6 Oct 2020
Synopsis:  This webinar will discuss using a soil test to balance the right amount of calcium, magnesium and potassium whilst keeping sodium low (Chemical Extraction Test).  It will also look at how to determine if key nutrients are tied up from salinity test and how to solubilise them (Salinity or Saturated Paste Test).
Speaker Greg Moore
Distributor Sales Manager, Plant Food Company (on behalf of Turfcare)
Biography: Greg has worked in the turf and fertiliser business for over 35 years, of which 16 years has been with Plant Food Company. He has developed numerous fertiliser products that have been utilised by Turfgrass Managers. Greg received a Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire.


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