Class 12: Is the Customer Always Right?

2:30PM - 4:30PM, 26 Jan 2021

Class 12: Is the Customer Always Right? How member feedback helps you manage your course better.

Why does it feel like members only complain about the course? Is the good feedback quickly forgotten and the bad feedback loud and repeated? Is your club doing a member survey but all it does is create heated debate in the club? Maybe you get all sorts of feedback (all the time) and it’s difficult to make sense of it…
This virtual workshop is for Golf Course Managers and the Committees and Club Managers you work with.
It will explore the golfer and club member feedback we get almost daily at the club and the challenges and opportunities this brings. We will discuss how feedback can be a useful tool to help you to plan and improve your golf course and what steps you need to take to get there.
Using real examples from clubs (made anonymous to protect the innocent) we will see how feedback can be done well (and badly). You will learn about the GURU method to manage golfer feedback – a tool that can be adopted quickly and easily.
You will get tools and tips, and learn how to turn the experience of member feedback about your golf course from a painful one into a positive.

Learning Outcomes:
• Identify different golfer feedback you get about the course, and how know useful from useless.
• Create a template for golfer feedback using the GURU method - Gather-Understand-Report-Use.
• Compare measurable feedback and qualitative feedback and how to use both.
• Discuss how you can use golfer feedback in your planning and management discussions.

Speaker: John Kemp, Contemporary Club Leadership Ltd

John Kemp was introduced to the game of golf age 3 by his Dad – he is passionate about golf courses and the role we all play in looking after them.
He holds a degree in Golf Management, a Professional Diploma for the European Institute of Golf Course Architects and CMDip from Club Managers Association of Europe.
Having worked in greenkeeping, course design, shaping & construction, management and consulting with golf courses, he has travelled the world to work with teams at facilities from from 9-holes to tour venues.
With consultancy firm Contemporary Club Leadership, John has helped Committees and staff in golf clubs of all shapes and sizes to review their management and operations, write business and strategic plans to maximise their golf course and develop their businesses and people.
He also works with GEO Foundation, helping golf facilities around the world to develop their sustainable management practices with a particular focus on sustainable golf course management.
In his spare time, John enjoys reading any of his library of golf books or walking his dog. He plays off a category 1 handicap at The Glen Golf Club in North Berwick where he recently volunteered to join the club’s Greens Committee… some people really just can’t help themselves!


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