Class 2: Leatherjacket Control

9:30AM - 11:30AM, 25 Jan 2021


Class 2: Leatherjacket Control

This class will take a look at technology to manage insect pests now and in the future

  • What and why are the regulatory challenges?
  • A brief look at the kind research is taking place around insecticides?
  • How can you take these studies and learn how to fine tune your own programmes?
  • A look at the current pest challenges – how understanding them can improve our levels of control


Glenn Kirby, Syngenta

Glenn Kirby is the Technical Manager for Syngenta Turf and Landscape for
UK and Ireland.
Prior to joining Syngenta he managed turf for over 25 years working and studying in both Europe and the USA. He has managed clubs at both ends of the spectrum with both large and small budgets and experience of working over 15 televised golf events.

Henry Bechelet, ICL

Henry Bechelet is Technical Sales Manager in the UK & Ireland for the turf and landscape business. Henry has been in the turf industry for over 25 years. He originally trained as an agricultural agronomist but then joined the turfgrass industry as a trainee agronomist in the early 90’s. Henry has spent roughly half his career engaged in independent consultancy and the other half on the commercial side of the industry. Over the years Henry has built a reputation as being an enthusiastic and entertaining presenter who has always been very progressive in his views.




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