What do you know about Soil Microbial Management?

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The potential and varied benefits of soil microbial management
This seminar looks at the latest soil microbiological resear at Royal Holloway, including experiments designed to address whether beneficial microbes can be used to combat turf grass pest and disease problems.
The seminar provides a brief review of the topic of soil microbiology and the experiments that have been used to investigate the interactions of certain microbes and seaweed products ('biostimulants') with biotic problems, such as Microdochium Nivale and root-feeding nematodes. It considers abiotic problems such as drought stress and the compatibility of existing management techniques, such as fertilisers and pesticides, with microbial management.
Presented by:
Dr Alan Gange, Professor of Microbial Ecology
Tamsin Williams, PhD Research Student, Royal Holloway, University of London
Francesca Baylis, PhD Candidate, Royal Holloway, University of London


Learning outcomes:
  • How microbes may influence pest and disease outbreaks
  • Understand when and when not to apply certain beneficial microbes
  • The concept of Integrated Pest Management



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