Certification & Awards

Certification programmes and award schemes offer incentives to people to take action. BIGGA supports a number of initiatives, all of which in their own way help to spotlight high standards in environmental and sustainability performance. Each one helps to communicate, across the industry and externally to governments and the public, that golf course managers are responsible, professional and that golf can bring positive outcomes people and to the planet.

Alongside highly credible international ecolabels, which recognise high standards and continual improvement, a number of environmental awards and certificates are also available to BIGGA members in the UK and Northern Ireland.

GEO OnCourse ™ Programme and Certified™ Ecolabel

BIGGA endorses the GEO OnCourse™ programme for the way it makes sustainability easier to understand, plan and deliver in the workplace. Comprehensive and yet fully customised to golf facility management, the on line programme provides a step by step process to a more resource efficient, ecologically rich, community respected and well-known golf club. The programme helps the entire management team to embrace sustainability and quickly take practical action - saving money, generating positive publicity, and exceeding government and customer expectations.

Culminating in GEO Certified™, the only golf ecolabel in the world that is transparently reported and expertly verified by highly constructive on-site evaluation visits. GEO’srigorous award is the only sustainable golf ecolabel to receive the official endorsement of BIGGA.

Please visit golfenvironment.org to find out more, take the simple steps towards excellence and recognition and fly the flag for sustainable golf.

Golf Environment Awards

The STRI Golf Environment Awards, supported by BIGGA, highlight effective and sustainable projects being managed by individual golf courses across the UK and reward the individuals that are making real improvements to their local environment and quality of life for the future.

There are 11 prizes presented at an Awards’ Dinner each January, with the top two prize winners winning a trip to visit some of the world’s leading golf facilities. Each of the 11 receives publicity in national and regional media in addition to their individual prizes.

Please visit www.golfenvironmentawards.com to find out more.

Scottish Golf Environment Certificates

The Scottish Golf Environment Group (SGEG) has developed a free national recognition scheme to enable clubs in Scotland to reach a high standard of environmental excellence and gain recognition and a certificate in one or more key areas of environmental management.

This is not a competition between clubs, but a standard of excellence that all golf facilities can aspire to achieve no matter what size, ownership or location. It includes the golf course, clubhouse and maintenance facility.

Please visit www.sgeg.org.uk to find out more.