'The Running Vicar' tackles marathon for Ken

'The Running Vicar' tackles marathon for Ken

The sister-in-law of a former BIGGA deputy chief executive who passed away during January is planning on running the Edinburgh Marathon in his memory.

Ken Richardson passed away on Saturday 13 January aged 73 after a period of illness, and his sister-in-law, Rev Alison Richardson, will attempt to complete and raise money for brain tumour research in the process.

Known by her nickname, 'The Running Vicar', Alison presided over Ken's funeral, held on 2 February at St James' Church, Boroughbridge.

Alison said: "I have never run a marathon before and at my age I'm not sure I ought to be doing so now! However, I feel the need to do something for Ken and to help others who find themselves in a similar position."

Ken and Alison, pictured above alongside Ken's wife Sandra (left) worked together during their time as education officers in the Royal Air Force.

Ken joined BIGGA in 1994 as education officer, and over the years produced the education programme for 13 BTME's and he also introduced the Continued Professional Development programme to the association.

Brain Tumour Research and Support is a Leeds-based charity that funds brain tumour research and supports people across Yorkshire affected by a brain tumour. Across Yorkshire and the Humber, an estimated 1,000 patients are diagnosed with a brain tumour each year, of which around 50 will be children.

You can support Alison by donating at her JustGiving page.