The BTME Breakfast Club 2018: Twickenham's Keith Kent

The BTME Breakfast Club 2018: Twickenham's Keith Kent

They’re at the top of their game, and on Wednesday 24 January four of the UK’s leading names in the turf management industry will come together to discussions the challenges they face in their respective sports.

With tales from throughout their stellar careers, everyone who attends is sure to take something away from the event. There’s no better way to start your BTME day.

The BTME Breakfast Club 2018: Cutting Edge Turf Management

Wednesday 24 January, 8.30-9.30am, The Royal Hall, Harrogate Convention Centre, HG1 5LA

Hosted by Naga Munchetty


Darren Baldwin, head of playing surfaces and estates, Tottenham Hotspur FC

Keith Kent, head groundsman, Rugby Football Union, Twickenham Stadium

Stuart Kerrison, head groundsman, Essex Cricket

Kenny Mackay, director of courses and grounds, The Wentworth Club

After 15 years as head groundsman at Old Trafford and another 17 at Leicester City, Keith Kent now oversees the maintenance of the pitch at Twickenham. He works widely with rugby clubs around the country to educate volunteer grounds staff on ways of managing and maintaining club pitches.

Are you looking forward to BTME?

Very much so. It’s a good cross section of groundsmen and greenkeepers from all over the country, including from Scotland. It’s great to see old faces and friends, which makes it a great week.

I really look forward to it, it’s a highlight of the calendar.

What do you like best about speaking at conferences?

I enjoy it because I like to talk sense and spread the gospel. The biggest thing out there is aeration. At our level everyone knows about aeration and I think we have to spread news about it to local clubs and councils. They see it as a chore, rather than something that in the long term will save them money.

What is the value of education?

It’s a sharing of the knowledge. At the moment they may know what they want to do, but not how to do it. Education ensures they are doing it in the right sequence, at the right time of the year, in the right conditions for the right benefit.

What is the value of cross-sport education?

There may be a new invention or method of doing things that someone in a different game might have come up with, that we might be able to adapt. It’s all about knowledge sharing.

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