Appraising Your Mates at Work

24th January 2018
Queen's Suite, HCC
Bookings Closed
Continuing Professional Development

Credits: 2

This Focus On session is for you if you are concerned about appraising the performance of your friends. You may have been promoted from within and are now supervising one or more of your best mates. During this session you will learn how to make the performance appraisal process work for you whilst remaining on good terms with people in the work team. This session is for you if you want promotion but are concerned about dealing with people’s poor performance and unhelpful work habits. You will discover how to maintain standards at work in a way that is powerful and professional.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Confidently set and gain commitment to higher performance standards at work
  • Drive up performance standards where necessary in a way that is seen as fair by all
  • Clearly communicate the gaps between present and desired performance levels
  • Deal with dodgy work habits like poor time keeping, unsafe practices, ‘bad attitude’
  • Achieve and sustain higher standards of work and better work habits in the team
  • Show their suitability for promotion through the building of a high performance team

Presented by Frank Newberry, Trainer and Consultant, Frank Newberry Seminars

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