A Practical Approach to Project Management for Greenkeepers

21st January 2018
Queen's Suite, HCC
Bookings Closed
Continuing Professional Development

Credits: 3

Large and complicated projects demand a lot of planning and knowledge of contract operations and administration protocols. Many large and prestigious projects are undertaken in ineficient ways and become compromised by poor decision making which forces costs to rise and extend budgets. All construction projects require good methodical planning and correct execution to achieve desired project outcomes and ensure smooth delivery of the finished product.

Through a combination of lecture and group work this dynamic workshop will set out how to approach projects, why this is important, when and where work needs to be put in, who needs to be involved and what they need to do in order to ensure a good project outcome.

Whether you are likely to manage a project or not, this insightful workshop will give you a far greater understanding of the process and help prepare you for a project in the future.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify what constitutes a successful project outcome
  • Understand how to approach a project
  • How to structure construction works and project management
  • Follow the sequence of projects to completion
  • Know the importance of contract paperwork and cash control
  • Identify post construction issues

Presented by Noel MacKenzie, Principal Consultant and Director Sports Turf Consulting Ltd

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