Our Partners/Education Supporters

Our Partners/Education Supporters

BIGGA has created a series of new packages aimed to improve the recognition given to the Association’s invaluable supporters. For many years the Gold and Silver Key sponsorships have been the only vehicle for recognising the huge support given to BIGGA’s Learning & Development activity by our many commercial partners. Over time this support has developed and now includes far more than donations to the Learning & Development Fund.

We have introduced the title of BIGGA Partner for those organisations who actively support and engage with BIGGA’s education programme through scholarships and other initiatives as well as contributing important funding. Many of the former Gold Key sponsors fall into this category.

Additionally we have created BIGGA Education Supporters to give recognition to those companies previously known as Silver Key Sponsors. These companies financially support the Learning & Development Fund on an annual basis.

BIGGA are hugely grateful to all Partners and Education Supporters - and the many Individual Contributors - as the funding they provide goes a long way to underpinning our Continuing Professional Development programme and all educational activity.

BIGGA Partner

  • Baroness
  • Bayer
  • Farmura
  • ICL
  • John Deere
  • Kubota
  • Jacobsen
  • Rigby Taylor
  • Syngenta
  • Toro

BIGGA Education Supporter

  • Barenbrug
  • Bernhard
  • Clubcar
  • Countrywide Turf & Amenity
  • Farol
  • GBR Technology
  • Germinal
  • Headland Amenity Products
  • Indigrow
  • Mansfield Sand
  • Rain Bird
  • Symbio
  • Tarmac Topsport
  • Wiedenmann
  • Vitax

Individual Contributors

  • Andrew Campbell MG, CGCS, CCM
  • Steven Tierney MG
  • Chris Lomas MG
  • Steve Dixon
  • Richard McGlynn
  • Jaey Goodchild
  • Michael Beaton
  • Greg Evans
  • Frank Newberry