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Recruiting Senior Staff

Selecting the right Person for any key position can be a risky business; the role of Course Manager, Head Greenkeeper or Head Groundsman are crucial to successful golf Course and sportsturf management and so it is vital to secure the best candidate for the job

How can we help?

STRI recruitment services can help guide you through the selection process to find the best match for the position.


Whilst Club officials, members, trade representatives and agronomists can all provide an input into golf course management, at the end of the day the linchpin to success is the Course Manager/Head Greenkeeper and his staff. When there is a change of personnel for whatever reason it is therefore vital that the Club appoint the right individual. Nevertheless, this can often be far from easy and there are a number of steps to follow to increase the chances of success. This is where STRI can help you in the selection process. We offer a specialised recruitment service, which encompasses a nationwide network of advisers who not only provide a local dimension for your Club, but also can draw on other colleagues’ knowledge.

It is true within many Clubs members of the Committee who have jobs in industry often have recruitment expertise, yet the process can sometimes falter due to lack of experience in one or more elements relating to the whole procedure. Accordingly, STRI can fill the gap with a single or multiple services plus a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to guide you through the various stages to a successful conclusion.

Items to consider are:

  1. The key initial element is assisting Clubs to compile and place an advert. Choosing the right publications and when to best time the placement is also important.
  2. Stage 2 could involve reviewing the applicants CV’s and offering advice on what characteristics to look for when drawing up a list of candidates for interview.
  3. Organising interview format and content is essential in realising a smooth operation and a successful outcome. Guidance can be given in this important element too.
  4. One aspect of recruitment many Clubs seek our help with relates to the adviser sitting on an interview panel and evaluating the technical skills of the candidate through appropriate questions and including a course walk if deemed necessary.
  5. Finally, we can also be involved with post-interview discussion or preparing an interview report with a view to evaluating the technical ability of the candidates, which the panel can use in their deliberations when making the final decision.

A good Course Manager/Head Greenkeeper is the cornerstone to providing and building on high standards of playing quality and presentation at your course, so use our expertise to help fill your vacancy successfully.

Clubs who have recently benefited from our recruitment service have sent us the following comments for publication;

Richard Moan- Secretary/Manager, Tidworth Golf Club

Due to the resignation of our Course Manager in November 2007 the club decided to place an advert for this position in The Greenkeeping International publication; which was also placed on the BIGGA website. We were very pleased with the service they provided and extremely happy with the response we received.

Once we started receiving applications it was obvious that we needed to have the opinion and view point of a professional when it came to interviewing the chosen applicants. This is where STRI stepped in and agreed to assist us and have their agronomist, John Lockyer attend both sets of interviews.

Having now chosen the successful applicant, we are very happy with the input from STRI and BIGGA and believe we have made the right decision on the procedure in finding the right applicant for the position of Course Manager. I fully endorse employing the services of both organisations and would recommend any golf club that faces the same situation to adopt the same procedure as we at Tidworth opted for.

C C H Barker- Secretary/Manager, Formby Golf Club

Our recruitment project to replace our retiring Head Greenkeeper with a Course Manager was advertised in the Greenkeeper International publication. Included in the interview process was the provision of a suitably qualified agronomist to put the technical questions to candidates and we had no hesitation in securing the services of STRI and particularly Mr. Stuart Ormondroyd, Head of Agronomy and Assistant Director STRI, for this task. In addition once we had selected our initial short list we asked for additional comment from him before the final short list was drawn up. .

Interviewing was conducted in a single day and all candidates were asked to respond to the same technical questions set by Mr. Ormondroyd. This proved an invaluable element in the overall assessment of the candidates and in the final selection of the person for the position.

We were very satisfied with the contribution STRI made to our project and highly recommend the use of their recruitment services. We would have no hesitation using their services again.

For further information and details on our Recruitment Service please Contact Elizabeth Horner, Client Services Coordinator at:

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