Example Job Description - Supervisor

Although there are many titles for workers on golf courses e.g. Assistant Greenkeeper, First Assistant Greenkeeper, Foreman, Deputy Head Greenkeeper, Head Greenkeeper, Deputy Course Manager, Course Manager etc, there are three types of job.

These are Greenkeeper, Supervisor and Manager. Because of tradition or local needs, some golf clubs may wish to continue to call their supervisors for example, First Assistants, Deputy Head Grenkeepers or Deputy Course Managers. It is recommended that they are all called Supervisors for job specification, salary and terms of conditions of service.

The job specification which follows shows the range of duties that trained, qualified Supervisors could perform. Golf clubs can use these specifications to create descriptions appropriate to their needs and the capabilities of their staff, for example a Deputy Course Manager may not be fully competent in all of the management skills needed by a Course Manager.


The person supervising golf course greenkeepers must be a competent golf course greenkeeper and must also be competent in the following:

  • Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security of the work areas
  • Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security of self, team and others
  • Carry out Risk Assessments
  • Respond to accidents and emergencies
  • Holding team meetings
  • Communicating information to staff, management and golfers
  • Briefing teams
  • Allocating work and supervising the greenkeeping staff
  • Training staff
  • Develop their own skills and manage their time
  • Survey, collect and record data on the golf course environment
  • Report on the condition of the golf course environment
  • Promote good environmental practice
  • Supervising construction/renovation projects
  • Estimating resource requirements and programme work
  • Supervising turf maintenance
  • Planning and ensuring the maintenance of a golf course in accordance with the golf course policy document
  • Supervising the preparation of machines for use
  • Supervising the maintenance of machines
  • Supervising the preparation of the machines for storage
  • Operate and maintain irrigation systems
  • Maintain drainage systems
  • Planning and managing the control of weeds, pests and disease
  • Prepare, establish and maintain grass swards
  • Using IT

NOTE: All of the above tasks must be carried out in a manner that minimises environmental damage.


Golf Club Name: Sunnygreen Golf Club
Title: First Assistant
Reports to: Golf Course Manager
Based at: Sunnygreen Golf Club, Rolling Hills, Hampshire, RH56 7YT

Job purpose:

To carry out routine golf course maintenance tasks and supervise the greenkeeping staff, as directed by the Golf Course Manager, in accordance with the Club’s Golf Course Maintenance Policy, its Health and Safety Policy and the Greenkeepers Code of Conduct.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  1. Cut tees greens, surrounds, fairways and rough and semi rough.
  2. Set up the golf course, including changing holes, moving tee markers, indicating OOB, Drop zones and hazards.
  3. Switch and brush greens
  4. Apply top dressing and fertilizer
  5. Identify and control pests and diseases
  6. Renovate worn and damaged turf
  7. Prepare and maintain machinery
  8. Brief the greenkeeping team
  9. Manage the irrigation system
  10. Design and build golf course features
  11. Supervise spraying operations

Associated Documents:

Golf Course Supervisor Job Specification (95kb)
Golf Course Supervisor Job Specification