Turf Science Live launch for Instrata Elite

Turf Science Live launch for Instrata Elite

Syngenta announced the launch of its latest fungicide, Instrata Elite, at Turf Science Live during July.

The fungicide active is approved for Microdochium control in the UK and combines the active ingredient difenoconazole with fludioxonil. The complementary curative and protectant actives target different stages of disease life cycle.

Other turf diseases on the Instrata Elite label include Brown Patch, Anthracnose and Dollar Spot.

Speaking at the event, Syngenta Technical Manager Marcela Munoz said: "The properties of Instrata Elite rapidly binds the actives on to the leaf wax layer. The fludioxonil component stays locked into the leaf wax to provide a protective contact coating that stops disease spores germinating and prevents infection of the plant.

"At the same time, the difenoconazole component immediately starts to flow from the leaf wax onto the leaf. It targets disease already active in the leaf, providing early curative activity and preventing symptoms breaking out."

Turf Science Live 2017, held at The Royal Automobile Club in Surrey and highlighted innovation and how scientific research is being used to improve turf agronomy practices.