Toro joins PGA official supplier programme

Global leader in turf and landscape maintenance, Toro, has joined The PGA's Official Supplier programme, which comprises of a network of leading companies in the golf industry.

The turf machinery and irrigation product manufacturer has signed a three-year agreement, which is an opportunity for Toro to strengthen its strong foundations with golf facilities around the world.
Robert Maxfield, the PGA's deputy chief executive, said: "I am delighted that Toro have joined our Official Supplier programme. It's also evident that many PGA members work closely with greenkeeping staff on a day-to-day basis and through Toro have a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge base."
PGA members will benefit through the association with Toro offering education and insight into the latest developments in agronomy.
Toro's Greg Janey, director of marketing and international business, said: "Toro's history with world renowned golf venues and our relentless efforts in improving the golfing experience are a good match with the Professional Golfers' Association.
"We look forward to leveraging our in-house expertise in agronomy, technology, equipment and irrigation to deliver PGA professionals with education and the insight Toro has accumulated over the years."
Toro has fuelled creative solutions to improve productivity and performance, reduce water use and increase fuel and energy efficiency.
It also seeks to improve the environmental footprint of global manufacturing operations - in addition to reducing water usage, waste and energy, where possible.