The Young Greenkeepers Committee held its first national conference

The Young Greenkeepers Committee held its first national conference

The first-ever Young Greenkeepers Conference brought together some of the brightest developing talent in the industry.

YGC Chairman Tom Smith was blown away by the reaction to the conference.

"It's been absolutely amazing," said Tom. "We've been working on this for the last year and to have more than 70 people here on our first go is fantastic."

Aside from invaluable networking opportunities, the conference provided educational seminars on topics ranging from social media to career progression to turf management.

"Having the likes of James Bledge [course manager at Royal Cinque Ports] inspiring people here is great," he said. "If they take anything away it's seeing guys like that who've been in their position and gone on to be a course manager."

"It's bringing a lot of greenkeepers together from all over the country," said Tom. "I bumped into someone who I met at The Open and then with the likes of Twitter, it's a way of connecting with people you don't see on a regular basis and you get to put some faces to names.

"The networking side of things is genuinely brilliant. It's been very good speaking with some people you might only see on social media, and now you get to speak to them in person.

"I've been very impressed with how far the Young Greenkeepers Committee has come along to now have its first national conference.

"It helps with education and development as well. It shows how many more qualifications are out there that you might not have known about before."

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