Latest greenkeeper salary recommendations announced

Latest greenkeeper salary recommendations announced

Following a periodic review there have recently been some positive changes to the structure of the Committee for Golf Club Salaries.

The committee intends to build on its excellent heritage and build and increase its profile within the golf industry. Alignment is key, whereby it will be essential in developing and enhancing its impact on more golf clubs.

A spokesperson for the committee said: "Although we are in the early stages of learning how to bring broader value to golf clubs, our goal is to continue to solidify and extend our expertise and knowledge throughout the golf industry.

"The committee firmly believes that valued professional staff members are critical for golf clubs to perform. Our emphasis will be on the long term, and we feel that a different approach needs to be adopted to allow CGCS to have a significant influence on the future standards and professionalism of the industry."

To achieve these aims, the committee has pledged to deliver improved value by:

· Inviting a broader range of governing bodies to align with CGCS.

· Increase the profile of CGCS with a co-ordinated communications strategy

· Focus relentlessly on the key goal of supporting vibrant and healthy golf clubs.

· Focus on the trends that will affect the future employment challenges for golf clubs.

Annual review of remuneration for golf club managers and greenkeepers for 2018

The CGCS recommends an increase of 2.5% over the 2017 figures. This is based on the overall average of RPI/CPI and wage inflation percentages.

The CGCS recommended rates of pay package are guidelines only and that, as in many industries, some staff will earn substantially more, while others will earn less, depending on the standing of the golf club.

The CGCS wants to emphasise that these scales are for ‘packages’ and should be treated as such, while taking into account individual and team performance and any increase in responsibility and qualification.

The CGCS, once again, wishes to remind clubs that they must be aware of any changes to pension or employment legislation.

Regional variations will shortly be published and downloadable in PDF format from the BIGGA and GCMA websites.