Iprodione decision leads to loss of more products

Iprodione decision leads to loss of more products

One of the most widely-used active ingredients in turf and agriculture is to be outlawed following the latest meeting of an EU committee.

The Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCoPAFF) has ruled for the non-inclusion of iprodione, used in a range of products including offerings from Bayer and Headland Amenity.

Bayer produces Interface and Chipco Green, the UK’s top selling contact fungicide, and the chemical company's professional product manager Steve Bishop said: “Unfortunately the loss of iprodione will reduce the available turf fungicide groups back to five, meaning that rotation strategy remains a critical element of integrated disease management.

“With other chemicals also due for assessment, a further reduction in the number of products on the market, and therefore the number of available groups for rotation, for turf disease control is not out of the question.”

Iprodione is a contact or locally systemic fungicide used to control a range of diseases. In agriculture it protected crops including grapes, potators, rice and onions, while in turfgrass it has been recommended for the treatment of a wide range of diseases, including anthracnose, dollar spot, fusarium patch, leaf spot, red thread and rust.

Introduced in 1997, other products that include iprodione include Headland Amenity’s Surpass Pro and Rigby Taylor’s Mascot Rayzor.

However, the ingredient has been found to be a possible cause of pulmonary problems and to be a probable human carcinogen.

Due to the impact on human health, the withdrawal of the product is likely to be across a short time scale, with forecasts suggesting the usage period could expire as soon as autumn next year.