Eaton greenkeeper mourned by association

Eaton greenkeeper mourned by association

BIGGA was saddened to hear of the untimely passing of Eaton Golf Club's Martin Davenport, aged 35.

Martin was described as a "real prodigal son" of the Cheshire golf club, having started there in 2001 aged 18.

Over the years Martin left the club more than once, but kept returning to the course. He also worked in agricultural groundwork and fencing and ran his own gardening business, but he always received a warm welcome at Eaton.

A spokesperson for Eaton said: "Each role taught Martin new skills which he, as a hard-working and committed staff member, was able to use to great effect.

"Martin was a considerable and popular asset to the course team. He was also well-known to club members for his abilities as a freelance gardener. He frequently sported a knowing grin, which always left one wondering what it was he knew that we didn't. Whatever it was, he had a rare talent to ensure everyone was happy with the outcome."

Martin leaves behind a daughter, Izz Bizz (Isabelle), aged eight, to whom he was devoted; her mother Laura; his girlfriend Megan; and his parents and sister Sian.

Martin's funeral will take place on Friday 26 January at Brown Knowl Church at 10.30am. Family flowers only, donations welcome for Alderhey Children's Hospital.