Day two tee times as Workman and Lamb share overnight lead

Day two tee times as Workman and Lamb share overnight lead

A bright but blustery day greeted the participants on the opening day of the 30th BIGGA National Championship sponsored by Charterhouse and Kubota, held today at Verulam Golf Club in St Albans.

Leading the championship on the opening day are Chris Lamb, of Trump International Golf Scotland in Aberdeen and Tom Workman, of Minchinhampton GC.

The honour of opening tee shot for the 30th BIGGA National went to last year’s champion, Gary Burgess.

Gary, of Grange Park, shot an opening round 83, but said he was extremely nervous when it came to getting proceedings underway.

He said: “I was really nervous, as it’s a big deal opening the tournament, but I managed to get it straight down the middle, so I was happy with that.

“BIGGA National is a great couple of days because you get to meet all the lads from different regions, who you wouldn’t normally. Over the years I have been coming to this event, there’s a lot of familiar faces and it’s great to spend a bit of time with them.”

Gary also praised Course Manager Chris Carpenter MG for the tricky test he had set his fellow BIGGA members.

He added: “The course is tough, especially with the wind today. The greens are quick and there’s a good pace to them, but he’s not tricked them up, which makes them a very fair test of golf. I really enjoyed it today.”

For Chris, hosting the 30th anniversary event brings back memories of the last time BIGGA National was hosted at Verulam, on the very first occasion it was held under by the association.

Chris played in that first event, in 1987, and the veteran greenkeeper, who has been at Verulam for 12 years, said he had confidence that his team would prepare an excellent test for his fellow BIGGA members.

“I got up a little early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, but that was just because I hoped the weather wouldn’t be too poor,” said Chris. “We weren’t sure about the forecast and so we tried to keep the pin placements kind. I wanted people to come and enjoy it, but we’ll have to see what the scoring was like before choosing the pin placements tomorrow.

“I’m glad everyone could be here for the 30th anniversary of the tournament, and good luck to everyone who’s taking part tomorrow.”

Tee times for day two of the BIGGA National Championship sponsored by Charterhouse and Kubota

1st tee

Game 1, 8.30am: Sid Arrowsmith MG; Dave Fellows; Andrew Cornes

Game 2, 8.38am: George Bell; Dave Allen; Derek McJannet

Game 3, 8.46am: Anthony Duffield, Bill Whybrow, Scott Parnell

Game 4, 8.54am: Matthew Strudwick, Gary Burgess, Charlie Simpson

Game 5, 9.02am: Darren Abbs, Scott Krokoszynski, John McLoughlin

Game 6, 9.10am: Liam Mulkerrins, Ricky Jakes, Danny Murray

Game 7, 9.18am: Derek Cunliffe, George Grimes, Leigh Mordy

Game 8, 9.26am: Paul Davy, Louis Dun-Allen, Gordon Sangster

Game 9, 9.34am: Nathaniel Riddett, Adam Clark, Danny Burchell

Game 10, 9.42am: Jason Hunt, Oliver Browning, Ross McCarthy

Game 11, 9.50am: Cassidy Steffens, Tom Workman, Christopher Lamb

12 tee

Game 12, 9.10am: Steve Mason, Nigel Broadwith

Game 13, 9.18am: Mark Thompson, Steve Jones, Carl Sharp

Game 14, 9.26am: Louis Stephenson, Andrew Ramsay, Benjamin Knowles-Jackson

Game 15, 9.34am: Terry Carver, Asa English, Pete Smith

Game 16, 9.42am: Matthew Hutchinson, Nick Roberts, Mark Blacknell

Game 17, 9.50am: Barry Holt, Paul Rolfe, Tony Thacker