Comprehensive guide to Microdochium

Comprehensive guide to Microdochium

This October Bayer is launching a brand new guide to aid greenkeepers in tackling the notorious disease that occurs on over 90% of UK golf courses - Microdochium Patch, that is more commonly known as Fusarium.

The comprehensive guide will cover all aspects of managing Microdochium Patch, from understanding the issue and identification, to preventing and curing the disease using a variety of methods.

Dr Colin Mumford, Bayer technical manager, has worked to inform the guide and he explained that it will detail how to use an integrated approach for the most successful disease management programme.

"For example, cultural and biological practices should be considered ahead of any pesticide application, when implementing an integrated approach," he said.

"It's important that greenkeepers select the appropriate fungicide for their disease outbreak. Whether you need a systemic or contact acting product, or want to know how to rotate fungicide groups, the guide will assist in your decision."

A digital copy of the essential guide will be sent to BIGGA members this month, hard copies can be ordered from the Bayer website, and the document will be available to pick up on stand D037 at SALTEX from 1-2 November.