Chlorpyrifos - final bans come into play

2015 saw the removal of Chlorpyrifos as an approved pesticide in the amenity sector. By 31st August 2015, all spraying of Chlorpyrifos, on sports turf areas had to cease. However, some areas of estates were still allowed to spray. For example, paddock areas for horses were still exempt. That was until Friday 12th February, when the HSE announced that the registration for use of Chlorpyrifos in all uses, other than treatment of brassica modules, have been revoked following the earlier revocation of use in Amenity sectors. What has also been stipulated is that it will be illegal to store Chlorpyrifos after the 1st October 2016. Below is a summary of the major outcomes of the announcement:

  • From 1st April 2016 it will be illegal to spray any product containing chlorpyrifos on any crop
  • Sales from manufacturers to distributors have been suspended from 12th February 2016
  • Users have until 1st October 2016 to dispose of all stocks of any product containing chlorpyrifos via a suitable waste disposal/ management company
  • After 1st October 2016 it will be illegal to store any product containing chlorpyrifos

The full announcement is as follows:

Changes to authorisations for products containing chlorpyrifos

Regulatory Update: 03/2016
Issued: 12th February 2016


To advise of changes to authorisations for products containing chlorpyrifos.


Following a European Union review, new human health based safety levels (known as endpoints) were agreed in 2015 for chlorpyrifos, an insecticide used to control insect pests in agricultural crops and amenity situations. Risk assessments carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and endorsed by the Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP) have indicated that most currently authorised uses of chlorpyrifos exceed these newly agreed endpoints. As a result, with the co-operation of product authorisation holders, HSE are taking action to withdraw these uses from the market.

The Changes

  1. With effect from 1st April 2016 the only permitted use of chlorpyrifos will be the protected brassica seedling drench treatment applied via automated gantry sprayer.
  2. All other uses of chlorpyrifos are withdrawn with effect from 1st April 2016.
  3. Storage, disposal and re-labelling of any existing chlorpyrifos stocks must be completed by 1st October 2016.

HSE and product authorisation holders are taking prompt action now to communicate these changes in use through the supply chain, to ensure that re-labelling or any required reversal of the supply chain can be implemented as smoothly as possible. Based on the conclusions of our risk assessments, we do not expect an effect on the health of operators, or other individuals, who may have been exposed to chlorpyrifos during the now withdrawn uses. Likewise, we do not expect an effect on human health from any commodities previously treated with chlorpyrifos, or those imported commodities treated in future originating from other countries where applicable EU Maximum Residue Levels are met.

To help members identify products involved in this latest revocation here is a full list:

Product Name and MAPP No.

Akofos 480 EC - 14211
Alpha Chlorpyrifos 48EC - 13532
Ballad - 11659
Chlobber - 13723
Clayton Pontoon - 13219
Clayton Pontoon 48EC - 14555
Cyren - 11028
Dursban WG - 9153
EA Pyrifos - 15005
Equity - 12465
Garrison - 15657
Govern - 13223
Parapet - 12773
Pyrifos 480 - 15991
Pyrinex 48EC - 13534
Reldan 22 - 12404
Reldan 22 - 16710
Tipulex - 15757