Bayer unveiling first new fungicide chemistry in a decade at BTME

Bayer unveiling first new fungicide chemistry in a decade at BTME

Greenkeepers looking for the latest product advances to aid integrated pest and disease management shouldn’t miss the new innovative product launches from Bayer at BTME.

Conscious of the need to find new solutions, Bayer will launch a new fungicide to the market at the event. This product will offer the first new chemistry to be developed in 10 years, giving greenkeepers more tools in their armoury and helping to mitigate the threat of disease resistance.

New advances for golf courses are vital, as greenkeepers battle issues such as the threat of pesticide resistance, the continued pressure of loss of actives to the market and unpredictable weather patterns. And Bayer has found that greenkeepers would value a device that helps with best practice management, to help calculate applications accurately, according to the area being treated.

The latest update to the TurfXpert app helps users to calculate product requirements by mapping out a specific area, using GPS technology to accurately calculate the exact amount of product required to treat the chosen area. On top of this, any applications that have been made can be recorded in the sprayer log section with the option to forward on the details via email.

Bayer has also added a weather feature to the TurfXpert app, which not only provides the user with weather forecasts, but also advises on dew formation, frost incidence, and soil surface temperature.

The fungicide product and updated TurfXpert app will be officially launched at BTME on Bayer stand A46.

The current version of the TurfXpert app is available from the App Store and Google Play.