Annual Review of Remuneration for Greenkeepers 2013

Annual Review of Remuneration for Greenkeepers 2013

The Committee for Golf Club Salaries (CGCS) have recommended a 1.5% increase in the level of recommended Salary Scale for Greenkeepers. This increase is less than the 2.5%+ RPI rate normally adopted as the Committee accepts that the current year has been a very difficult one for Golf Clubs and the continued strain on their finances.

The CGCS recommended rates of pay package are guidelines only and the Committee is aware that they are for negotiation only and that, as in many industries, some staff will earn substantially more, while others will earn less, depending on the standing of the golf club.

The CGCS wants to emphasise that these scales are for ‘packages’ and should be treated as such, whilst taking into account individual and team performance and any increase in responsibility and/or qualification.

The CGCS, once again, wishes to draw the attention of golf clubs to impending changes in pension legislation.

Regional variations will be published and downloadable in PDF format from the BIGGA and GCMA websites from December onwards.

CGCS, October 2012.

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