FEGGA Secretary, Dean Cleaver, reports on the latest work of the Federation

I have recently been in Iceland where FEGGA have launched the first of what will be a series of FEGGA road shows across Europe. The road shows will be done in association with Floratine and will take place over a period of possibly two years.

The road show in Iceland was a great success for all parties, and especially for the Icelandic Greenkeepers Association.

Iceland can at times because of its location be a country that is easily forgotten. This was the main reason for starting in Iceland, to make them feel part of the family and to see some of the good work they are doing and how this will benefit both greenkeeping and then ultimately the game of golf.

Iceland has some 55 golf courses serving a country population of 283,000, with some 101,000 living in the capital of Reykjavik. The Greenkeepers Association has 70 members and they are spread over quite a large area.

While on our tour we were able to visit the College in Akranes where they will start their own greenkeeper education next year. This will be done in partnership with Elmwood and marks a great step forward in Iceland for greenkeeping and the golf industry in general.

The education programme that was arranged for the members of the Icelandic Association as part of the tour was very well received. It was supported by their Golf Federation, in particular their Chairman who opened the day by informing everyone of the new fund being set up to carry out research on specific areas of turf related problems, in particular Winterkill.

Brian Goodwin, Vice President of Floratine, gave a very interesting presentation on plant needs and issues dealing with cold climate problems. This certainly got people thinking, judging by the questions that followed later.

Gerry Byrnes, Superintendent at the K Club in Dublin, Ireland. Gerry talked about the design and construction of the new course, followed by the grow in, both dealing with problems and looking at new techniques.

Joe Bedford, FEGGA Chairman and Superintendent at Hollystown Golf Club gave a very dynamic presentation on 'Motivation to enhance your career'. Joe looked at many issues regarding career and day-to-day life development. He looked at setting goals and how to achieve them.

I was able to talk about the role of FEGGA and how it's helping the industry. In particular I was able to talk about environmental issues, setting up an environmental programme and FEGGA's role within Committed to Green.

Looking ahead to next year we very much look forward to working with further associations in taking the road show to other Countries.

Gleneagles Excellence in Golf Award Scheme 2003
I am pleased to announce that the Gleneagles Excellence Award Scheme will once again be running in 2003. The Award Scheme is open to all greenkeepers, and provides a wonderful experience for potential Course Managers/Golf Course Superintendents.
Applications should in the first instance be sent to the secretary. They should include a typed curriculum vitae (cv) which includes:
1. Covering letter from your Head Greenkeeper
2. Personal details
3. Qualifications
4. Other interests
Final selections for places within the scheme will then be forwarded on to me as FEGGA Secretary. Students will then be selected for interview during December 2002.

If you require any further information including the full prospectus of the scheme you can contact myself on 0044 (0)1789 762912 or via email at dean.cleaver@btinternet.com

I am pleased to say that following the success of the Gleneagles Excellence Award, both Gleneagles and Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd are supporting another Excellence Award Scheme in Southern Europe. This will allow greenkeepers the opportunity to gain experience in both north and south Europe. I will keep you posted on how we are progressing in the near future.

Finally can I wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to talking to you in 2003.