November 2004

November 2004

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  • Aye, Aye Captain

    Aye, Aye Captain

    Ally Philp is Head Greenkeeper and, for the last two years, Captain of Comrie Golf Club as well. Scott MacCallum met with one of the most contented men
    in the industry on a wet day in Perthshire. Read more

  • The Career Path to Success

    The Career Path to Success

    Gareth Jones meets Alex Shore, the 2004 Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year. Read more

  • A Triumph for Persistence

    A Triumph for Persistence

    Scott MacCallum witnessed Graeme MacDonald’s fine win in the National Championship, sponsored by Ransomes Jacobsen, and wonders if credit should go to a famous spider. Read more

  • Don’t Sit on the Fence

    Don’t Sit on the Fence

    Roland Taylor sits on the fence, hedges his bets, and looks at the alternatives for creating barriers and boundaries. Read more

  • How to Apply for that Ideal Job

    In the first of a three part series Frank Newberry provides a range of useful techniques to help you get the job you really want. Read more

  • Pipe Dreams

    Pipe Dreams

    Jim Crabbe looks at the world of drainage through the eyes of a Contracts Manager and offers some advice to clubs seeking to improve their courses. Read more

  • Where did my nitrogen fertiliser go?

    Dr. Brian Horgan, Assistant Professor and Turfgrass Extension Specialist at the University of Minnesota, explains the role of nitrogen in soil, its effect and how to minimise its loss. Read more

  • One mixture does not always fit all

    One mixture does not always fit all

    Lex van de Weerd looks at the factors to consider when choosing grass seed for a new golf project. Read more