October 2003

October 2003

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  • Course Feature - A Racing Certainty

    Course Feature - A Racing Certainty

    Scott MacCallum meets up with motor racing legend, Nigel Mansell, owner of Woodbury Park, in Devon. Read more

  • About Finance

    Keith Jaynes is a Director of Key Associates, a company that specialises in training, marketing support and financial services for businesses in the turf-care and agricultural industries. Read more

  • A Fair Day’s Pay...

    A Fair Day’s Pay...

    Scott MacCallum meets Don Bailey MBE, the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Greenkeepers Salaries and Conditions of Employment. Read more

  • A Long Year

    A Long Year

    Murray Long reports on his time studying in the United States, his prize for winning last year’s Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year Award. Read more

  • If I had a Hammer...

    If I had a Hammer...

    Roland Taylor looks at the tools of the trade and the options there for you when you come to undertake construction work. Read more

  • What does the Future Hold?

    What does the Future Hold?

    Bob Taylor looks at the work that is going on in the wake of the tightening up of pesticide legislation. Read more