BTME / ClubHouse 2003

The 2003 Keynote Speaker will be Debra Veal MBE

Debra was recently heralded as 'Britain's latest sporting heroine' when the media world reported the story of a young lady who carried on rowing alone when her husband, an international oarsman, left the boat after developing an uncontrollable fear of the ocean.
Debra saw no reason to stop and rowed on to become unofficially the fourth woman in the world to have rowed an ocean solo.

The 3000 mile journey from Tenerife to Barbados that was initially supposed to take six weeks took Debra three and a half months and saw her battling with 30 foot waves, force 8 squalls and sharks, while having to dodge tankers that came too close for comfort on more than a few occasions.

Debra will speak on achieving the best with the support of a team and the need for first class preparation in order to be successful, as well as recounting an epic story of her 111 days at sea.

John Stirling
Doyen of Golf Professionals
Renowned after dinner speaker. National Education Conference Dinner, Majestic Hotel, Monday 20 January

Brin Bendon and Frank Newberry
Hall Q. Harrogate International Centre
Tuesday - Thursday, 21-23 January
Meet these two top motivators at the Careers Fair during the two Exhibitions.

Guess who's coming to Dinner?
Majestic Hotel, Thursday 23 January
The Counterfeit Stones

More than a tribute to the Rolling Stones, the Counterfeit Stones are a complete re-enactment. Their attention to detail has earned them critical acclaim from a multitude of sources and whether it be a lick on the guitar or the wipe of an eyebrow, no stone is left unturned. The result 'Probably the Second Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World'. The Exhibitions Banquet will once again prove to be the year's social highlight.

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