A Plea for help to GTC

An independent training council has asked for help from the GTC in finding new assessors.

The National Proficiency Tests Council, an awarding body overseeing competence tests for people working in land-based industries, has a newly revised suite of horticultural certificates of competence. It has turned to the GTC because of its expertise in assessor training.

NPTC Senior Technical Officer Steve Hewitt said, "Organisations such as the GTC play a pivotal role in bringing these qualifications to the attention of trainers and also employers with potential candidates working for them."

GTC Education Director David Golding added: "The GTC is proud to be asked for help in providing the NPTC with names of assessors. The role of the assessor is vital in training."

The NPTC certificates of competence cover areas such as pesticide use, tractor driving and machine maintenance. For greenkeepers, these certificates are awarded as part of a trainee's pursuit of National or Scottish Vocational Qualifications in Sportsturf.