September 2005

September 2005

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  • Jazzing It Up

    Jazzing It Up

    With places now to be won on the 2006 BIGGA Delegation to New Orleans, USA, GI tracked down three of the 2005 party, which travelled to Orlando, to find out what they gained from their once in a lifetime experience. Read more

  • Toro Student of the Year 2005 Preview

    Toro Student of the Year 2005 Preview

    GI gets up close and personal with the eight Finalists competing for the 2005 Award. Read more

  • A Trip of a Lifetime

    A Trip of a Lifetime

    Alex Shore, the 2004 Toro Student of the Year, reminisces on his prize to study in America at the University of Massachusetts for eight weeks. Read more

  • Get Your Water Away

    Get Your Water Away

    James de Havilland inspects the equipment currently on the market to aid in house drainage work. Read more

  • Drain or Drown

    Drain or Drown

    David Shelton grabs his umbrella as he looks at the advances in drainage techniques. Read more

  • The Tractor Factor

    The Tractor Factor

    Scott MacCallum meets up with Massey Ferguson’s new appointment, a man who has been around the industry for 25 years. Read more

  • Sweet Harmony

    Sweet Harmony

    Gareth Jones visits John O’Gaunt Golf Club, which contains two vastly contrasting courses that are kept in harmony by a dedicated Course Manager. Read more

  • It Will Never Happen

    It Will Never Happen

    Gareth Jones locks the doors and sets the alarm as he examines the best methods and advice to keep out the criminal elements. Read more

  • Going Automatic

    Going Automatic

    Kenne James discusses the advances in irrigation systems and the benefits of an automatic control system. Read more

  • Catching the Worm

    Catching the Worm

    Kate Entwistle investigates nematodes, their effects on cool season turfgrasses and possible methods to control them. Read more