New Products

Komatsu Zenoah

Komatsu Zenoah has introduced the Strato Charged two stroke engine giving 30% less pollution and 30% reduction in fuel consumption.

Now in time for the Autumn season, Allen introduce the Komatsu Zenoah model EBZ4800 back pack blower, the quietest available anywhere, thanks to the Strato-Charged engine and the specially designed muffler on the outlet pipe.  The 47.9cc engine produces 960cbm/h with a noise dB(A) rating of only 65.

The Strato-Charged engine gives 30% fuel saving compared to standard engine blowers of a comparable size and the free flow net around the fan reduces debris from being sucked into the engine enhancing durability and reliability.

Features such as styled-for-comfort low vibration back pad and single hand usage together with 2 litre fuel tank is bound to make this new addition a firm favourite with contractors and other professional users.

Launched at the same time is the World's most powerful back pack blower, the EB7000. This model enjoys a two stage, fresh flow air filter system minimising the intake of debris.

With a powerful 62cc Komatsu Zenoah engine and an air volume output of 1200 cbm/h, this machine is also extremely quiet with a dB(A) reading of just 75. RRP Model EBZ4800 £424 Model EB7000 £449
For further information contact Tel 01865 820731.

Aquaflex is a flexible moisture sensor that is buried in the soil which measures soil moisture and temperature continuously so you always know what's going on in the root zone. The sensor has been used in the UK for some time and is now being increasingly utilised by turf managers internationally. As a direct result prices have been reduced and new entry-level products have been introduced to allow even wider use.
The Aquaflex gives accurate information for the first time on soil moisture over a given 10 foot section of a green. This data can then be used to determine irrigation needs and limits as well as confirm when irrigation comes or not.

Using Aquaflex to monitor soil moisture has proven to save water, and the energy required to drive pumps. Optimising water application also minimises leaching of fertilisers and chemicals as well as encouraging root growth.
For further information Tel 01274 733 145.

Lilleybrook GC
Lilleybrook GC has recently installed a Waste 2 Water model 750 recycling wash-off system, developed by ESD (Environmental System Design).

The new environmental law came into force in April, with tight water pollution control (section 161 A-D of the Water Resources Act 1991).

'The fines for polluting a water course can be £20,000, but if a case goes to crown court there is no limit to the fine,' said Course Manager, Paul Jenkins.

'This alone should make all golf clubs review their wash-off facility. Gone are the days when one could be tempted to wash machinery off round the back of the shed, especially if the maintenance facility is hidden away in the middle of the golf course. As professionals working with the environment we have a duty of care, not only to comply with the law, but to help set standards, not just react to them.'

The contributing factors that influenced the design of the new facility, that incidentally includes new chemical and flammable liquids stores, were that the Lillybrook maintenance facility is situated at the top of a sloping car park, coupled with the fact that 100 yards away, runs a stream that feeds the Lilleybrook.

With only one part pesticide to 10 billion parts water constituting pollution, serious planning was put in place to eliminate run-off.

The ESD- Waste 2 Water recycling wash-off system is a complete wash unit high pressure wash hoses. Grass and dirt is separated by the Grass Separator and deposited into a wheelbarrow for easy disposal. The contaminated wash water is then biologically cleaned and recycled, for continual re-use. The closed loop system rapidly breaks down all organic contaminants (oil, petrol, diesel, pesticides, fungicides etc.) into carbon dioxide and water.

'I believe, setting and maintaining high standards on the golf course goes hand in hand with setting and maintaining high standards off the course. To this end, an extension to the maintenance facility is planned to include a dedicated workshop, staff facility, grinding room and store,' said Paul.
For further information Tel: 01782 373878.

Maccaferri Ltd
Geotubes supplied by Maccaferri Ltd, specialists in retaining structures, soil reinforcement and erosion protection, have been used to create sustainable sea defences to protect a golf course. A 400 metre reinforced sand bank has been constructed to shelter the practice ground of the Royal North West Norfolk Golf Club from erosion and inundation during high Spring tides.

The golf course at Brancaster is in a designated SSSI. Until recently erosion protection was provided by the Environment Agency in the form of an existing coastal dune system with hard protection, but this had become expensive to maintain. A decision was taken to adopt a policy of managed retreat and with the demolition of banking to the west, the golf club practice ground would be left unprotected from the sea.

Using independent finance and working in close consultation with the Environment Agency, the Golf Club decided to construct its own new flood bank to protect the practice ground. The Golf Club appointed Peter Lawton of North Norfolk-based St La Haye Consulting Engineers with a brief to create a sustainable sea defence, using local materials and construction techniques, that would cause minimal disturbance to the environment. Local borrow pit material was found to be of poor quality and sand from adjacent tidal flats was suggested as an alternative. English Nature confirmed that there is an area designated 'barren sand' of little environmental value which might be used for this purpose.

Maccaferri was asked to look at a possible containment system for the sand, an the final solution using Geotubes was developed by St La Haye in consultation with Maccaferri. Three geotubes were supplied to principal contractor J Breheny Contractors Ltd, each measuring 3.25 metres in diameter and 105 metres long. Filled with locally won sand, they form a solid core to the new coastal defences and will be able to withstand even severe winter storms.

Maccaferri is the exclusive UK distributor for Geotubes, which are manufactured in the Netherlands by TenCate Nicolon. The system is proven technology and has been used in many successful applications in Holland.
For further information Tel: 01865 770555.

Wardle Consulting Engineers
Irrigation consultants Wardle Consulting Engineers have announced the launch of a new venture, IrriPlan Ltd. an original concept in professional independent irrigation design for golf clubs with more modest irrigation requirements and limited budgets. IrriPlan is an irrigation 'design studio' as opposed to a 'consultancy'.

'IrriPlan is a professional, independent design studio whose income, like a consultancy, is solely derived from client fees and not from the sale or installation of irrigation products and systems. However while an irrigation consultancy generally bases its fees as a percentage of the contract, IrriPlan charge an all inclusive fixed fee,' said Giles Wardle.

Over the last few years Wardle Consulting Engineers has enjoyed success in the irrigation market with Royal Lytham & St. Anne's Golf Club, Carnoustie Links, The Gleneagles Hotel, The Turnberry Hotel, Queenwood Golf Club and Brocket Hall among its client reference list.

'However like other irrigation consultancies we have been guilty of neglecting the clubs with more modest requirements and limited budgets, who would nevertheless still benefit from professional, independent irrigation planning, design and monitoring. We therefore established IrriPlan to meet the needs of exactly such a market and extend the benefits of professional, independent advice to a broader audience,' said Giles.

Different clients want and require a different level and type of service. The club that just wants an irrigation system for their greens, tees and approaches often cannot justify the fees for a consultant to undertake a fully comprehensive service including contract administration, project management and site supervision. Nevertheless such a client would still benefit from impartial, objective advice and a design and specification, to which all the contractors are bidding for, on a like-for-like basis, in a process of truly competitive tendering.

Complete Weed Control
Complete Weed Control's Weed-It machine uses optic sensor computer technology to detect weeds then delivers chemical only to the weed itself. This ensures an effective result with the minimum environmental damage. Resulting in chemical savings of 50 - 70% the Weed-It system is proven to make significant savings on the cost of weed treatment. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, limiting the quantity of chemical used allows a high degree of safety to bystanders and operator as well as being kinder to the environment 'an issue of great concern in today's improved awareness of environmental issues.
For more information contact: Tel: 01451 822897.

Zallys UK
Zallys UK expects that one of the most popular units in its new range of environment-friendly utility vehicles will be Jack. This three-wheeled, ride-on carrier has a zero turning circle, making it ideal for use in tight situation indoors and outdoors.
Jack helps give maximum working efficiency, being able to operate for up to eight hours from just one charge of its 24v, 80A battery. It is designed for ease of use, having fingertip control of forward and reverse travel, and the low footboard makes it easy to step on and off the machine. Maximum forward speed is a surprisingly high 6mph.
A wide range of platform and hopper options are available, making Jack suitable for transporting many different objects and materials in and around sports grounds, golf courses, parks, glasshouses, nurseries, theme parks, hospitals, airports and other facilities. Zallys UK can manufacture customised platforms to meet individual requirements.

Different wheel and tyre options can be specified for optimal performance on hard and soft surfaces.

Like other models in the Zallys range of powered carriers, Jack is driven by an 800W motor, powered by rechargeable, long-life batteries that give silent, non-polluting operation. The high specification batteries can be recharged in situ and are capable of at least 500 recharges.