The Club which never sleeps

Scott MacCallum visited Greetham Valley and met Adrian Porter, who together with his team, makes an army of ants look slovenly.

There can be few greenkeeping teams which operates quite as efficiently as Adrian Porter's at Greetham Valley Golf Club, near Oakham, in England's smallest county, Rutland.

A bold statement one might think, and I am more than happy to be proved wrong, but when you consider that Adrian's team of nine manage two 18 hole courses, a par-3 course, a driving range, a bowling green, help at the club's newly built 4x4 course, oh and, operate a contracting division which manages fine turf for anything from other golf clubs, stately homes to private dwellings as well as maintaining local bowling greens and football pitches you might get my drift.

"We are a young team and there is a real go-getting atmosphere around the place. There is as much work out there for them if they want it and if they work the hours they'll get good money," said Adi.

The average hours the guys put in in the summer is around 50-55 a week and Adi himself doesn't leave until the jobs are done and regularly works 6.30am to 6.30pm.

It is an up and at 'em approach which is epitomised by a club which only celebrated its 10th birthday in April. To mark the occasion they held a competition for members, friends and supporters over both the Lake and Valley courses which acted as more than just a thank you to everyone who had helped make the club successful but a true marker as to just how far Greetham Valley has come over the past decade.