Tee 2 Green in link with ETT

Tee 2 Green and European Turf Technology have announced a collaborative partnership to market several grass seed varieties in the United Kingdom and Middle East.

We have conducted extensive market research over the past two years through our UK subsidiary and have established that we certainly produce a range of varieties ideally suited to these markets. We need to involve ourselves with a company with direct links to the country's leading golf clubs. ETT fit the bill with their outstanding contacts and highly technical approach they are the ideal partner, said Agostino Gaude, Tee 2 Green, Corp. Sales Manager for Europe.

The agreement covers a complete range with several specially designed mixes as well as a custom mixing service and the popular A4 creeping bent. Richard Lawrence Managing Director of European Turf Technology said, 'Our philosophy has always been to bring to the market products that have a distinct technical advantage, we have achieved this through our associations with Floratine Products and Norsk-Hydro the world's largest fertiliser company. The Turf-Seed and Tee 2 Green ranges are an ideal addition to our range.'