New amenity grass group formed

The major breeders and suppliers of amenity grass seed have formed the Amenity Grass Crop Group (AGCG).

Members include Advanta Seeds, Barenbrug UK, British Seed Houses, Cebeco Seed Innovations, DLF Perryfields, Nickerson and Semundo.

Paul Johnson, Managing Director of Barenbrug UK, has been appointed as the Chairman and representatives will meet regularly with staff of STRI, at Bingley, which currently undertakes the independent evaluation of newly developed grass cultivars.

The Group will review with the STRI, the existing varieties available and fine-tune testing procedures. Its members will also liase with end-users to ensure that the needs of industry professionals are being met in terms of amenity grass cultivar performance and will meet under the auspices of the respected British Society of Plant Breeders.