Free the Titelist one?

Last month saw a great deal of news print devoted to one John Collinson. Does the name ring a bell? Well he is the guy who was jailed for three months for gathering thousands of golf balls from golf club lakes up and down the country.

His case was highlighted as one of these situations where this country gets things so wrong. How could a guy who collects lost golf balls be sent to prison while so many more heinous crimes go unpunished? The fact that he declared his earnings to the Tax Man was also made to reinforce the point that here was a legitimate business and that Mr Collinson was a legitimate businessman.

There were radio phone-ins devoted to the case while a website ran a poll which found 90% of those who registered wanting him to to be released. From memory even the Prime Minister got involved.

By the end he was being seen as a sort of Robin Hood figure providing lake balls for the poor impoverished golfers at the expense of the wealthy ball manufacturers.

Well, in the end such was the weight of opinion the Titleist one was released and justice was seen to be done.

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