Continuing to set high standards

The Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC) is smoothing the path to the introduction of revised Sports Turf vocational qualifications in July.

National Vocational Qualifications and Scottish Vocational Qualific-ations in golf greenkeeping and ground maintenance are being updated to take in the latest advances in technology in the amenity horticulture world. The GTC has taken a lead role in this in collaboration with the two Awarding Bodies, City and Guilds and the Scottish Qualifications Authority. A network of training providers guide students to the qualifications and it is essential that these providers all work to the same standards. The GTC has therefore been encouraging the Awarding Bodies to develop standard documentation covering the learning programme.

The GTC's Education Director David Golding said: 'The GTC is committed to setting high and common standards in the UK and Ireland. This is why we have been at the forefront in setting out the knowledge and practical standards for the revised NVQs and SVQs'.

The GTC is golf's independent advisory service for both employers and employees with regard to greenkeeper education, training, and qualifications. It aims to persuade employers of the necessity for learning and acquiring new skills throughout life and encourage more people to get the qualifications they need for working.