May 2005

May 2005

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  • Water, Water Everywhere...

    Water, Water Everywhere...

    Scott MacCallum meets Adrian Harris, Course Manager at Hellidon Lakes, where water plays just as big a role as grass in the course management. Read more

  • The Importance of Performance

    As preparations are made for the forthcoming dry season, Kenne James looks at all things irrigation, including the importance of placement and nozzle performance. Read more

  • Alternative Power or Compromised Power?

    Alternative Power or Compromised Power?

    James de Havilland charges up and shops around for alternative power mowers. Read more

  • How Low Can You Go?

    How Low Can You Go?

    Stella Rixon, STRI Turfgrass Agronomist for the South East, gets her ruler out and explores the changes in grass growth and cutting heights over the past two years. Read more

  • Unwanted Visitors

    Unwanted Visitors

    Mark Rees gets up close and personal with some of the biggest pests found on the golf course. Read more

  • A Fescue Future?

    A Fescue Future?

    In the conclusion of this two part series, Steve Isaac, Assistant Director - Golf Course Management, The R&A, documents his investigation into Denmark’s redevelopment of fescue greens. Read more

  • Golf on the Open Road

    Golf on the Open Road

    As a new generation graduates into the world of golf, it’s not all plus fours, bright green grassed courses and strict clubhouse etiquette they crave, as Gareth Jones found out. Read more