10 Good Reasons to Enter

The BIGGA Golf Environment Competition its establishment has played a key role in promoting the positive environmental image of golf.

It has helped to develop relationships with English Nature which in turn has generated interest and a more positive relationship with other statutory and non-statutory environmental/conservation organisations including, for example, the RSPB and County Wildlife Trusts. Keith Duff, Chief Scientist with English Nature, has throughout played a major role and has proved a great supporter.

The competition however can only ever be a platform from which to allow individual golf clubs the opportunity to display their environmental excellence.

It gives golf clubs a focal point from which standards are being set and, importantly, shows what should be and is being achieved. The competition provides a benchmark from which individual golf clubs can assess their own environmental performance.

For most clubs entry to the competition is not simply about the chance of winning and proving that they are ‘better’ than other clubs in the UK, the benefits are wide reaching and numerous:

Below are listed the top 10 reasons why any golf club should enter this year’s BIGGA Golf Environment Competition.

1. Have an STRI Advisor visit your golf club for half a day free of charge in order to discuss any aspects of ecological and environmental course management.

2. Increase and improve habitats for wildlife on the golf course, thereby enhancing the golfer’s enjoyment of their game.

3. Elevate the prestige of the club and help promote golf as a positive land use to the wider public.

4. Improve relationships and open lines of communication between staff and the membership through raising awareness and discussing ecological issues which are of interest to all.

5. Increase job motivation, knowledge and enthusiasm within the greenstaff through learning new skills and a greater diversity of work.

6. Demonstrating environmental good practice help to place golf in a strong position to lobby local government and opposition bodies who often misrepresent golf as a non-beneficial land use.

7. The competition provides an ideal platform to consider and discuss recent developments in environmental legislation in order to be prepared for any likely changes.

8. Free publicity for the club in STRI and BIGGA literature and potential exposure in local or even national press.

9. New sponsors and more categories mean that your chances of winning one of seven £500 prizes are better than ever. In addition more clubs will receive a visit from an STRI advisor than ever before.

10. You might win the overall title, a cheque for £2,000, a Scott’s Weather Master Station and the BIGGA Golf Environment Trophy!

STRI judges have visited hundreds of golf clubs since the competition began and thousands of pounds have been distributed in prizes. Fantastic ecological progress has been made at golf clubs up and down the UK as a direct result of the advice and support received from the STRI ecologists and real wildlife gains have been seen.

Furthermore; wider environmental issues such as organic waste composting, clubhouse/maintenance facility waste recycling, waste water disposal and sustainable energy usage are now being addressed by golf clubs who are at the forefront of sound environmental course management.

Applications to the 2004 competition are welcomed from any golf club whether it be the smallest 9-hole municipal course or a 36-hole hotel and leisure complex, all we ask is an enthusiasm for, and willingness to progress, environmental management!

Applicants are particularly encouraged this year from the Welsh region where the number of clubs entering the competition has been traditionally low.

There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain from entering the 2004 BIGGA Golf Environment Competition – so what are you waiting for?!

Call Sami NOW on 01347 833800 or email sami@bigga.co.uk for a copy of the application form.

All forms must be sent back to BIGGA House before 25 June 2004.