January 2003

January 2003

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  • Course Feature - When Ian Met Sally

    Course Feature - When Ian Met Sally

    When Ian Needham and his dog, Sally, were issued with the challenge of building a golf course they could not have imagined just how well they would succeed. Scott MacCallum travelled to Beedles Lake to meeting the human half of the partnership. Read more

  • Constructive Advice

    Constructive Advice

    Roland Taylor dispenses some fine advice if you are thinking of undertaking any construction work. Read more

  • Rebuilding Golf Greens - By Steve Isaac, Senior Turfgrass Agronomist, STRI Scotland

    Why rebuild? Most courses have a few greens that perform badly compared to the others, usually in relation to drainage and winter playability. With the increasing demand for year-round play and the uncertainty over climate change, though it does seem to be getting wetter, the need to rebuild inferior greens is greater than ever. Read more

  • The Future of Turf Management

    The Future of Turf Management

    In the first of a monthly series of articles to appear under the 'Continue to Learn' banner Barry Beckett outlines his view of how the industry may progress over the next few years. Read more

  • John Deere Team Championship

    John Deere Team Championship

    BIGGA Chairman, Richard Barker reports on the Brokenhurst Manor's challenge for the John Deere World Team Championship in Arizona. Read more

  • Ransomes Jacobsen - The Key to Knowledge

    BIGGA's Education and Training Manager, Ken Richardson, explains the background to the new BIGGA/Ransomes Jacobsen Scholarship Awards and highlights the lucky beneficiaries of the first trench. Read more

  • Chairman - And so I close

    Chairman - And so I close

    With Christmas out of the way I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a successful 2003 whatever you may be doing. With BTME and ClubHouse just a couple of weeks away this will be my last article as Chairman so I would like to bring you up-to-date on the last month and reflect on the year just passed. Read more